Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Team Members on Hunger Strike and Support Fast Organized

Two MPT Team Members have joined the hunger strike with others from the Gaza Freedom March.

Ta'anit Tzedek has posted to their website that they are working with GFM to organize an emergency support fast internationally, in solidarity with the people of Gaza and the Freedom Marchers. More information on the support fast is below.

December 28, 2009

Dear Ta'anit Tzedek Supporters,

As many of you may already know, the Gaza Freedom Marchers, a movement of over thirteen hundred people from 42 countries are now in Egypt and are waiting for permission to march into Gaza on December 31. They have traveled to the Rafah Crossing at the Egypt-Gaza border on the one year anniversary of Israel's military assault to express their solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza. Sadly, until now, Egypt has denied them access to cross the border.

Hedy Epstein, the 85 year old Holocaust survivor and peace activist, announced that she is beginning a hunger strike in Cairo today as a response to the Egyptian government's refusal to allow the Gaza Freedom March participants into Gaza. We are writing to you, as supporters of Ta'anit Tzedek, to let you know that we are calling for a one-day emergency fast this Thursday, December 31, to show our solidarity with the Gaza Freedom Marchers and to further our call for the lifting of this crippling blockade of essential goods and services into Gaza.

In addition to this sun-up to sun-down liquids only fast, we encourage you to contact the Egyptian authorities and ask them to allow the Gaza Freedom Marchers access to Gaza. Please do this even if you've already done so through another organization. Please feel free to contact Brant at mailto:ravboaz@comcast.net?subject=Emergency%20fast%20for%20Gaza%20Freedom%20Marchers for more information about the emergency fast and the unfolding situation with the Gaza Freedom March.

We are truly honored to be partnering with the Gaza Freedom Marchers as well as with Jewish Voice for Peace on this important action. Ta'anit Tzedek is fast becoming part of a growing and significant community of conscience on the crisis in Gaza and your participation in these efforts mean a great deal to us.

As always, may God bless us in all we do and may our actions help bring the blessings of peace and justice to Israel/Palestine.

In Friendship and Shalom,

Rabbis Brant Rosen and Brian Walt
Co-Founders, Ta'anit Tzedek - Jewish Fast for Gaza

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