Friday, December 25, 2009

25 December - A brief "travel day" update

With Yusif having arrived in Cairo, Bella in the air and the rest of the team getting ready to head out to the airport we have gotten the following update from Code Pink organizers, who are working on the ground in Cairo: "the Egyptian government has denied our request to go into Gaza and has cancelled our permits for our orientation at the College Holy Family for December 27 at 7pm. "

Protests are planned and we have come too far and this is too imporatntat to "be tourists" as the Egyptian Government has suggested. Recognizing that our creativity and flexibility are one of our most powerful tools we are exploring new and exciting ways to get our message out and keep the pressure on! You can help! Please keep up the calls, email, and faxes! Let the Egyptian government know that around the world people are watching and are taking action demanding that Egypt open the border. (see earlier blog entry for contact info.)

Thanks for your continued support!
Sheri (for the Gaza team)

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