Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Introduction- Dorothy Ritter

Dorothy Ritter
54 yr. old grandmother of 4
Registered Nurse

I have joined the Michigan Peace Team/Gaza Freedom March because I believe the power of truth in the face of injustice, the power of solidarity in the face of oppression and the power of love in the face of inhumanity speaks so loud that no military power can silence it. We do not live in isolation and no one can be free and secure as long as the violence of poverty and denial of human rights and dignity exist. (Dorothy was a member of the second MPT Peace Team to Gaza, the summer of 2203)


  1. Dorothy - We're so lucky you're a part of MPT. Thank you!!! - Mary Hanna

  2. Iintend joining almost every move of the team in their struggle but my problem is the means of transport,travel documentation and the possibility to get a permanent membership status infrom the team.Please give mthe necessary assistance and directives.I am a journalist and I have a major role to play in the teaming activities.

    Thank you,
    Baffour Amo Bimpong